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Interview: What are the benefits of winning an Award?

Published: 14/09/2015

The Agribusiness Awards have been launched to recognise excellence in the industry. Agribusiness is an important indigenous industry which contributes over €24 billion per annum. The awards programme will bring renewed focus to this important sector.

The organisers Event Strategies are Ireland’s leading Awards specialists. Their awards programmes include the Irish Construction Industry Awards, the Green Awards and the Irish Logistics & Transport Awards. This year they launched the Maritime Industry Awards to recognise the achievements of people and organisations demonstrating excellence in the maritime space. The awards was a resounding success with many businesses reaping the benefits.

Bere Island Boat Yard, Shipyard of the Year
Bere Island Ship Yard

Below, Marie O’Driscoll of Bere Island Ship Yard talks to us about the benefits of winning one of these awards. Bere Island Ship Yard won Shipyard of the Year at the Maritime Industry Awards.


Being shortlisted and winning an award will boost your profile in print media and social media.


“Winning at the awards was beneficial to our company as it acted as publicity. It let people who know we existed. It showed our local community we have grown in the past few years and will continue to grow in a positive manner for the community, i.e. creating employment in the local area.

It was a fantastic opportunity for our company. It brings attention to smaller businesses in the sector that a lot of people may not realise exist”.

Win new business:

Winning an award attracts new business:


"It got people in our local community asking positive questions about the business and we have gotten several phone calls since. The publicity from winning the award showed customers that we provide additional services that they didn’t know about.

I think that customers have a higher regard for us after winning the award, as we have proven ourselves to be in the same league if not better than some of our competitors”.

Employee recognition:

Entering the awards shows employees that their efforts are valued.


“Winning the award helped our employees realise that the company is growing all the time. Also it is rewarding for business owners in the sense that their hard work is being rewarded at such a high level”.

Winning an Award

The feeling of winning an award is exhilarating. It makes your hard work all year more worthwhile.


“I would highly recommend entering the Awards to other companies - it is an empowering feeling to win."


Many people who attend the ceremony do so to network in a relaxed fun environment. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves.


“The 2015 Awards were highly enjoyable. It was very well organised and a credit to the organisers.

It was a fantastic way to meet others in the same/ similar field of work to ourselves. We have made new contacts, friends and acquaintances from the night of the awards and have been invited to attend lots of programs since.

“The venue was fantastic. It was a great networking opportunity. It was much needed as the industry is so dispersed.”

The Agribusiness Awards' ceremony will take place on Tuesday, December 8th. For more information, please contact Laura on 01 685 4060 or email

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